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Dawn completely changed my voice and my understanding of singing. She gave me a solid foundation and vocal technique, which I rely on every day. She also helped increase my vocal range significantly (from thinking I was a bari-tenor to now consistently singing Tenor 1 lines), as well as helping me deliver more engaging and honest performances.


I am forever grateful to Dawn for her amazing teaching style and helping to set me up with a solid foundation to find a career as an actor and singer!


Joseph DePietro

—  Broadway Singer-Actor —


I believe a solid vocal technique is to inspired performance as a rich vocabulary is to compelling poetry. It is my goal as an educator to perpetuate knowledge, promote learning, inspire curiosity, and encourage discovery.


I am committed to providing a learning environment that is safe and challenging; one that empowers both student and teacher in pursuing learning. Each student has a unique skillset, specific needs, and a dominant learning style; I embrace these traits and teach vocal technique designed for the individual.

The pursuit of excellence, a determination to empower, and the recognition that unique individuals exist and thrive with a sense of belonging are foundational to who I am as a teacher.


I offer everything from private lessons to group masterclasses, online workshops, and can create a special workshop to fit you and your group’s unique needs. Whether you're a seasoned professional on the stage or just getting started, I can help.  Watch for upcoming public events.


Many people would love to sing but question whether they can. While some people believe they are held back by being “tone deaf” or unable to read sheet music, others doubt they have the voice range to tackle their favorite songs.


In this inspiring course, celebrated singer and singing teacher Professor Dawn Pierce of Ithaca College shows you that the ability to sing is a fundamental human ability—a skill that anyone can develop and enjoy. In other words, no matter who you are, you can learn to sing!

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