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...through the art and science of singing in my recently released course, How to Sing.


In these 24 enjoyable and effective lessons, you will learn that the anatomical and physiological features of singing are highly malleable, and that with a proper understanding of these features and how to nurture them, you can develop your own voice, build solid vocal technique, and enjoy the wonder and beauty of singing.


Using a wealth of fun and engaging exercises and vocal techniques, I will lead you through the engrossing process of vocal development, in a clear and accessible program of lessons that break down the elements of voice technique into practical, applicable steps. In the process, you’ll learn both the physiology and science of singing and the fundamentals of vocal expression and performance.


This course is ideally suited to the amateur singer who wishes not only to improve their technique, but also better appreciate the singing styles of professionals. Yes. Once you have taken this course, singing will never be the same again.

The professor admonishes you to be proud of your instrument and to take good care of it while providing an easy-to-understand overview of how the body works to produce the most beautiful sound.

As an educator myself, I had to admire the way the course was structured; for not only were there all-encompassing technical discussions and demonstrations of technique, but an invitation to try everything out while singing a collection of beautiful songs. To get around the difficulty of providing online feedback, the professor had assembled a mini-class of five students, and illustrated the challenges that each song presented by working with them.


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My singing has already improved

—                             —

I am only in the second lesson and working with the video for ten days, but I have already improved my singing voice. Can't wait to learn more techniques to enable me to improve even more.


Professor Dawn Pierce makes the lessons fun. Her expertise and understanding of where her students may be in their practice have already made me a more confident student.


I feel better physically as well.



Loving the course and want to engage more with the content? Care to connect with other singers expanding their abilities?  How to Sing Events will not only deepen your learning process about all things vocal,  but it will also expand on the lessons and give you the opportunity to ask me any questions you might have. 


Join us for some harmonic collaboration and spacious inspiration as we develop your singing mechanism, technical strategies, and style.

Already have the course, and want more?

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