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Make a difference


Do it differently


Not because it's different, because it's you


You're the only one who can be you, so use it!

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Defy the shoulds, the traditions and structures.

Learn who you are; as a human, an artist, an organization


Strip away the false truths


See what's possible


Create from there

Professor  Dawn Pierce was an integral part of my development as a professional singer. She consistently provides her students with a safe enough environment to try  and explore new things, while challenging them to hone their skills to the best of their ability. Her teaching style is thorough and technical, yet relatable. Years after leaving her studio, I still rely heavily on the technique and tricks of the trade I learned under her tutelage. Her instruction allows you to come away with a more complete understanding of your instrument, and the tools you need to best use it. Her experience as both an experienced educator and performer makes her lessons incredibly comprehensive. Whether you sing as a hobby or profession, she is able to give each of her students the highest level of attention and care so that they may share their voices with the world in whatever way they desire.


SFC Adiza Jibril, The U.S. Army Voices

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The method to my madness

The process of awakening

The illumination of truth

The passion of pure potential

The fierceness of choosing

The satisfaction of aligned action

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In your communities, your offices and your head

Voices call to be heard

Including them, and their inherent value creates richness and depth

They illuminate the truth

And create a powerful and transformative experience

Businesses and organizations hire me to consult for a fresh take on an old problem, it doesn't even have to be musically related.  In my heart, I am an innovative strategist.  It comes out most often through music.  But not always...

If you are seeking a performer for your event, I happen to know a few.  Ask me for recommendations for the perfect fit

In the market for a private lesson or perhaps a group workshop to uplevel your life?  I have crafted some incredible transformative events designed to do just that.

My personal mission is to empower individuals to embrace their unique voice. I want to foster vibrant communities that value diverse perspectives and create a sense of belonging for every member. I believe the most transformational engagement happens when we can embrace ourselves and each other without qualification or judgement. I am invigorated by the fact that every voice is unique and valuable and recognize that the most innovative and effective work happens when authentic voices come together in harmonic collaboration. In my work as a performer, teacher, and designer, I am committed to moving beyond fear into the unknown, propelling energy as each moment sparkles like tiny explosions of possibility.


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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